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When it comes to planning for the care of elderly relatives, you have a few different options. You likely will not be able to provide full time care, which means you will need to find help. You can put your relative in a nursing home or you may have the option of using PASSPORT.  The Ohio Department of Aging explains PASSPORT is a program designed to help elderly people stay in their own homes through providing professional health care services.

Your relative may qualify for PASSPORT, which is a Medicaid waiver program, if he or she is eligible for Medicaid. This requires coming in under income limits, which currently are having $2,000 or less in assets and making under $2,205 in income per month. In addition, he or she must be at least 60 years old and require nursing care but be approved by a doctor to live at home. Finally, the costs of providing care in the home cannot be more than 60 percent what the costs of nursing home care would be. It is important to note that your relative's assets may be taken to pay for expenses under the program.

Young Ohio entrepreneur is ready to roll

His last name is perfect: Butcher. And it appears that the BBQ foods he sells are pretty close to perfect, too.

Ohio State University marketing junior David Butcher says the reception to his food has been so favorable that he could have raised funds enough to open his first restaurant. He opted instead to put his Fly BBQ on wheels. The college student's start-up recently began selling customizable meals featuring all-natural, fresh ingredients and smoky meats slathered in tangy sauce.

Now or never--when is the right time to update your will?

If you already have an estate plan in place, you might wonder whether you ever need to revisit it. Are there life changes that virtually require a new will?

You bet there are. And it’s probably much more frequent than you think. Life events that trigger an estate plan review include:

What the aging process tells us about estate planning

As you age, you may begin to realize that you can't complete some activities with the same ease as you could when you were younger. While aches and pains are a normal, if unwelcome, part of the aging process, the obstacles they present can be overcome with the right foresight. What does this mean for the estate planning process?

According to the AARP, approximately 60 percent of Americans do not have a will or an estate plan. Many people are able to live their daily lives on their terms as they age, but what happens when you cannot voice your wishes in a major life decision like seeking medical or nursing home care? Having an estate plan in place can help you find an answer to this question that many people leave unresolved.

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