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Can you create a personalized care plan to meet your needs?

You have recently made the decision to begin compiling your thoughts and organizing them into a long-term care plan for your future. While this process may initially seem arduous and exhausting, approaching it the right way and being consistent about its progress will guarantee that you do not forget any details. Additionally, your vigilance will ensure that you have a legally operable plan in the state of Ohio. 

Creating a customized care plan that meets the unique needs and risks that you face is certainly doable. According to, one of the first things you should consider doing is to assess your needs. What needs do you currently have? Will there be different needs that will arise in the future? Make a list of your concerns and the areas in which you foresee yourself needing assistance. From here, set goals that describe how you will get from start to finish. 

What are your rights when you are receiving in-home care?

After discussing your options with family members, you have decided that pursuing in-home health care is the right alternative for you. You are excited about the possibility of having someone come to your home in Ohio to assist you with everyday needs from planning appointments and coordinating medical care, to taking a shower and organizing your finances. However, it is important that you understand what your rights are as a patient receiving home-health assistance. 

According to, you are protected under federal law just the same as other medical patients, even though you are receiving treatment at home. Your rights include the following:

  • You have the right to be an active participant in making decisions regarding your health care. You should also have access to a copy of the agreement that was made regarding your health care so you can reference it at any time, especially if you suspect you are not receiving everything you were promised. 
  • You have the right to select a home-health agency that you are comfortable working with and to change it at any time if you are unsatisfied with the service. 
  • You have the right to choose someone to be a proxy or an advocate for you if there are times when a decision needs to be made and you are unable to make that decision. 
  • You have the right to feel safe in your home and to be confident that your property will be treated respectfully and carefully. 

Considerations to take when preparing to create a trust

It is not uncommon for people to procrastinate planning their future until it is too late. In fact, many people fail to see the importance of coordinating their future care planning needs before they are actually needed. However, being proactive about creating one's estate plan in Ohio can provide a variety of rewarding advantages and the peace of mind that accompanies preparedness. 

While estate planning encompasses a variety of different aspects, one portion that many people consider is called a trust. According to CNN Money, many people struggle to determine whether or not a trust is the right idea for them. A trust is a wise idea for people if they are very specific in how they wish their estate to be distributed. For people who have a high net worth, over $100,000 for example, a trust is also a valuable asset to have. Because trusts are flexible, people have the option of modifying them if things change. 

There are many times to update your estate plan

There is no better time to attend to your estate plan than now, as this will give you and your family the peace of mind you've been searching for.

However, don't assume that the creation of an estate plan means that you no longer have to think about it in the future. There will be times when you need to review and update your estate plan, all with the idea of keeping it in line with your current situation and future goals.

Suggestions for handling debt after your spouse's death

After the death of your spouse, you have slowly begun to consider what needs to be done to consolidate his or her belongings and assets to provide closure and peace of mind. One of the many things you may find yourself needing to address is any remaining debt your spouse had incurred. At Flynn, Py & Kruse, we understand the risks that a surviving spouse may encounter in Ohio when they begin the process of dealing with their loved one's death. 

According to, one of the first and most important things you should do is to take action in making sure your loved one's credit is not taken advantage of. The most efficient way to go about this is to contact one of the major credit reporting bureaus and request a notification be added that simply discloses that your spouse has died and to not issue credit. This rather simple action can guarantee that you do not end up with damaging consequences if your spouse's credit is stolen after he or she passes away. Other things you may consider doing include the following:

  • Request to be the authorized user on the deceased's credit cards so you can continue to pay them down.
  • Cancel credit accounts that have been paid off and gather all bills that still need to be paid. 
  • If you have a joint account with a line of credit, be aware that you will be assuming all responsibility of making the designated payments. 

Staying positive when a start-up loses momentum

One thing that all entrepreneurs have in common is that they are willing to take risks. More often than not, building a company from an idea into an organization that provides a successful product or service, requires people to think outside of the box and be willing to analyze opportunities. Sometimes, despite thorough efforts to weigh options and select the most promising risks, start-up companies in Ohio fail to gain momentum or lose it altogether.

In extreme circumstances, start-up companies that are unable to get their business off of the ground, may need to reconsider their decision to continue operations. In fact, nearly 20 percent of all start-ups are not even in operation for a full year before they end up closing their doors. When a company is facing difficulties, they may choose to terminate their operation entirely or rebrand their product or service. Whatever they choose to do, they can maintain a positive outlook by applying some critical actions. 

Protect your disabled child with a special needs trust

If you are the Ohio parent of a special needs child or adult, you have unique estate planning needs that probably differ broadly from those of your friends or family members. In addition to leaving your son or daughter assets you have worked hard to secure in your life, you must also consider factors such as who is to care for your child once you are no longer able to do so. At Flynn, Py & Kruse, we understand the estate planning needs of parents who have disabled children, and we have helped many clients orchestrate solid plans for the future.

Per CNBC, many special needs children and adults utilize federal benefit programs, such as Medicaid or Supplemental Security Income, to provide for themselves and help offset the costs associated with care. If you leave your disabled child assets in a traditional will, however, doing so has the potential to impact your child’s public benefits eligibility. How?

Can an employee company buyout benefit your business?

When you are strategizing about your company's future, there are many directions you could choose to go. Selecting a process that will provide opportunities for growth and enable your company to reach a broader audience is heavily reliant on your ability to analyze the market and your competitors to understand how you can differentiate your product or service. A rather unique way of growing your company is the consideration of an employee buyout where you will give your workers access to investment shares of the business in Ohio. While this decision requires a lot of forethought and careful planning, it can reap some highly advantageous rewards if you are committed. 

At first thought, you may be hesitant to entertain the thought of a buyout because it means you will lose some control over shares of your company. However, the benefits that result from this decision could put you in an even more competitive position. According to Chron, some of the rewards you may experience include the following:

  • An employee stock ownership plan or ESOP, means your company will not be required to pay taxes if you select an S-corporation as your tax structure.
  • Employees may be considerably more motivated considering the success of their company and the wealth of their stock is dependent on their work ethic. 
  • Due to financial savings in areas such as taxes, your company may be able to pay off debt at a much faster rate and utilize savings to develop new products.

What qualities should I look for in an estate executor?

Organizing a Sandusky estate is not a fly-by-night process. It is also something that should be taken seriously. The person you choose to manage your estate is undertaking a critical task that requires focus and due diligence to ensure that your loved ones honor your wishes. One concern that might be on your mind is how should you go about choosing an executor for your estate? 

Being an executor is a huge responsibility. You do not want to have just anyone to fulfill that role. The wrong person could end up mismanaging your estate and squandering away your legacy. You must take time to consider the qualities of the individual you want to serve as your estate’s executor. Consider the following tips while selecting an executor for your estate. 

The bare bones estate plan: What's the minimum you need?

It's a common misconception that people who don't have very much money don't require an estate plan. In fact, there are several barebones components that everybody needs to set up before they pass away in order to make things easier on those they leave behind.

Let's take a look at the basics that every Ohio resident should have in their estate plans no matter how much money or assets they have accumulated in their lives:

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