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January 2018 Archives

Reducing conflict by optimizing communication in global business

For many Ohio businesses, the thought of expanding operations overseas and building a customer base that spans the international market is both exciting and overwhelming. The unique opportunities that international business endeavors provide may enable once-small companies to transition into world-renown enterprises that are able to provide a customer experience that is not easily replicated by stiff competition. 

A closer look at why you should consider a healthcare directive

Whether you anticipate retiring in the near future or have just graduated college, it is imperative that you thoughtfully plan your future to be prepared for the unexpected situations that you may face. With a well-written plan in place that addresses all of your needs such as care planning, asset division and healthcare directives, you can confidently go into retirement with the peace of mind that all of your affairs are in order. At Flynn, Py & Kruse, we have helped many people in Ohio to address their life-care planning needs in a customized way. 

How does probate work?

If you have developed an estate plan or a will in Ohio, then you may have heard about probate. The process is often vilified because people do not really understand how it works. In general, probate is designed to ensure your assets are handled properly, according to the Ohio State Bar Association.

For start-up Kika Tech, U.S. market expansion a booming success

For many Ohio start-up companies, the process of developing a strategy for market expansion requires time, thorough analysis and attention to crucial details. With focused goals and a clear understanding of what consumers want from certain products or services, start-up companies can take an innovative idea and transform it into a successful enterprise. 

Know your value: Calculating your estate

To know what estate taxes your estate might end up owing, it's important to be aware of the overall value of your estate. There are two dates which may be able to be used for setting estate value when it comes to the federal estate tax, either the time of your death or (if it would lower estate value) an alternate valuation date. The first is the actual date of death of the individual, while the second is six months following the date of death.

When a homeowner needs Medicaid to move to a nursing home

Moving into a nursing home or assisted living facility in Ohio typically means leaving your old home permanently. What happens to your house if you are a Medicaid recipient depends on a number of factors. At Flynn, Py & Kruze, we understand how to address each aspect of home ownership when applying for Medicaid to move to a long-term care facility.

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