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Creating a retirement plan void of common errors

For many aging folks in Ohio, the process of planning their retirement and finalizing critical details regarding wills, trusts and estate administration, requires careful thought and professional assistance. Despite the extensive time and effort, when people are proactive about planning for their future, they can feel much more confident going into their retirement years. 

Taking a proactive approach to estate planning

For many people, serious intentions for planning their estate are not entertained until later in life. Often, many people fail to recognize the critical need of planning for their long-term future when there are not very many immediate reasons for doing so. However, overlooking the importance of establishing an estate plan and articulating their desires ahead of time, can prove to be a detrimental mistake for many Ohio folks.

Beneficiaries, executors and other estate matters

When it comes to estates, all sorts of legal issues may need to be considered during any phase of the process. Whether you are just beginning to take a look at your options and create an estate plan or your loved ones are in the middle of a dispute after you have passed away, these matters can be quite hard to work through. At Flynn, Py & Kruse, we recognize the importance of successfully handling estate challenges that arise and know how beneficial this can be for families in Sandusky and across Ohio.

Intestacy: What happens when someone doesn't leave a will

Making an estate plan is something many people in Ohio procrastinate about, but that does not mean they never think about who should get their property and possessions when they die. According to the Ohio State Bar Association, a person who dies without a will is intestate. There are many differences in how the courts treat estates when there is a will versus when there is not.

What the aging process tells us about estate planning

As you age, you may begin to realize that you can't complete some activities with the same ease as you could when you were younger. While aches and pains are a normal, if unwelcome, part of the aging process, the obstacles they present can be overcome with the right foresight. What does this mean for the estate planning process?

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