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Employment & Labor Law

Employers in Ohio face a complex employment legal environment and noncompliance could result in a potentially costly lawsuit.

To help employers deal with these challenges, Flynn, Py & Kruse provides a complete range of advice, services and representation in matters involving employment and labor law, including:

  • Drafting of employment contracts, noncompete agreements and severance agreements

  • Collective bargaining agreements

  • Development of employment policies and procedures

  • Contested unemployment claims

In addition, Flynn, Py & Kruse vigorously represents employers in litigation before the Ohio Civil Rights Commission, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and federal and state courts in cases involving:

  • Discrimination allegations

  • Sexual harassment allegations

  • Wrongful discharge claims

  • Employment contract and severance agreement disputes

A motivated workforce can provide a significant competitive advantage for a company. On the other hand, a disinterested or hostile workforce can be a negative factor that reduces profitability.  The firm’s attorneys can conduct an objective review of employment policies and procedures, identify potential problems, and recommend actions to address those problems.

Attorney Contact:

John A. Coppeler

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