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Experienced Trial Attorneys

Flynn, Py & Kruse is a law firm known for its trial advocacy skills — a firm that does not hesitate to go to court when litigation is required.

For 140 years, Flynn, Py & Kruse has worked diligently to protect the rights and interests of its clients through litigation and alternative dispute resolution methods. The firm's attorneys have extensive experience in federal and state courts in Ohio and a well-earned reputation for putting their clients' interests first.

A Team of Experienced Trial Advocates

The lawyers at Flynn, Py & Kruse have a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the law. They understand the rules of procedure and how to place salient evidence before the court. Through experience, they know that thorough case preparation lays the groundwork for success, enabling them to negotiate or litigate from a position of strength.

Flynn, Py & Kruse vigorously represents clients in cases involving:

  • Commercial litigation — Breach of contract disputes, business torts, disputes between shareholders and between partners, collections and other types of business litigation

  • Insurance defense — Product liability, personal injury and accident claims, and other types of insurance disputes

  • Estate litigation — Will contests, trust litigation, probate litigation and guardianship disputes

  • Real estate — Sales contract disputes, adverse possession, construction litigation, eminent domain litigation and other types of real estate disputes

  • Employment litigation — Defense against discrimination claims, sexual harassment litigation, wage and hour lawsuits, wrongful discharge and employment contract disputes

  • Personal injury — Plaintiff representation in cases involving motor vehicle accidents, premises liability, wrongful death and other acts of negligence

Seeking the Best Possible Outcome in Every Case

While Flynn, Py & Kruse welcomes the opportunity to fight on behalf of its clients, it only recommends litigation after carefully considering all aspects of a case. When advising clients regarding their options, the firm's lawyers explain the factual and legal issues that will shape the outcome, potential costs and other critical matters. Based on the client's directions, Flynn, Py & Kruse then seeks results through litigation, negotiation, mediation or arbitration.

Attorney Contact:

John A. Coppeler

John M. Felter

James W. Hart

Mark P. Smith

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