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Insurance Defense

Insurance Defense Attorneys

Flynn, Py & Kruse provides results-oriented representation for insurance companies and self-insured entities in all types of insurance litigation. The firm has a successful record over many decades in such cases, including satisfactory verdicts and numerous declaratory judgments in favor of its clients.

Flynn, Py & Kruse handles insurance defense cases involving:

  • Product liability

  • Medical malpractice defense

  • Personal injury and accident claims

  • Property damage claims

  • Coverage claims


A Team of Skilled Trial Advocates

Whenever possible, Flynn, Py & Kruse seeks to resolve cases early in the legal process, through declaratory judgments that definitively absolve clients of liability. However, the firm has built a strong reputation for its case preparation and trial advocacy skills. When necessary, Flynn, Py & Kruse vigorously defends clients in pretrial hearings and discovery, and at trial.

Attorney Contact:

John A. Coppeler

James W. Hart

Mark P. Smith

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